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Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex
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30 for 30

Celebrate our 30th anniversary with our 30 for 30 challenge

This September we’re marking our 30th anniversary by launching our new 30 for 30 Challenge.  We want you to join in our celebrations by taking part in your own 30-themed fundraiser. Your challenge can be done alone, or as part of a team. However you take part, your support will help us raise vital funds. 

Keeping our communities safe is at the heart of what we do. The 30 for 30 Challenge is focused on health and well-being, encouraging supporters to get up and get active, or take up a challenge that focuses on promoting well-being, like learning a new skill. 

From giving up a favourite treat for 30 days to running 30 miles, taking on a 30-minute fitness challenge or reading 30 new books, the 30 for 30 Challenge is open to everyone.  You'll be helping to celebrate our 30th anniversary, whilst raising funds as part of our Coronavirus Emergency Appeal.

Over the last 30 years we have treated more than 30,000 patients with our world class, life-saving emergency care. We want to make sure we can continue to be there for the next 30,000 patients who need us.


How to get involved in 30 for 30


It couldn’t be easier to get involved. Simply make up an activity inspired by the number 30. You could do something for 30 days, a 30-hour run, walk or hop, anything, so long as it revolves around the number 30. You could even test your willpower by giving up your favourite treat for a whole 30 days! Then encourage your friends and family to sponsor you for your 30 for 30 efforts and raise vital funds. We’re launching 30 for 30 on 1st September as it’s a month with 30 days in, but you can take on your challenge at any point.

Remember to tag us on social media @airambulancekss with any photos or videos of your challenge, with the hashtag #kss30for30. You can email them to us as well at