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01st Jul 2015

It was a normal Friday and my husband Jim had gone out cycling. I was nine months pregnant at the time and at home looking after our toddler.

It began to get late and I started to worry that Jim wasn’t home yet. I called him several times but he didn’t answer. I knew something was wrong.

My fears were confirmed when two police officers knocked on the door, telling me that Jim had been involved in a life-threatening accident and had been airlifted to King’s College Hospital in London.

Jim has no memory of how the accident happened but he sustained a number of injuries, including a broken spine, multiple breaks to his facial and jaw bones, a broken sternum and broken ribs. He also lost some teeth and suffered a bleed to his brain.

Because of the severity of Jim’s situation, the Air Ambulance crew were called. The doctor and paramedic anaesthetised him there at the roadside, taking control of his airway, which was at risk of becoming blocked by blood. He had also suffered a bleed to his brain so the anaesthetic was crucial in preventing additional swelling.

Five days after the accident, with Jim still in an induced coma, our daughter Mabel was born. To say this was a traumatic time would be a huge understatement – I didn’t know if Jim would even pull through to meet our new baby and I had no idea what the future now had in store for our young family.

Jim was in an induced coma for two weeks while in intensive care. Thankfully, he made an amazing recovery and is now here with us, where he belongs.

Without the fast response from this amazing charity, I don’t know what kind of brain injury Jim could have been left with – or whether he would still be with us at all.

It’s thanks to all those people who support the air ambulance that it was there for us when our family needed it. I am just so grateful.

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