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27th Jul 2022

Mike was 62-years-old, we’d been together for 32 years. He loved bikes and cars and had been a mechanic for many years. Then in 1995 we bought a house in Aylesford and he set up a shop selling spare parts and accessories.

More recently, Mike had set up a different business, transporting bikes around the country. The main thing was he was happy, in the prime of his life. He was a really kind person, nobody had a bad word to say about him. He was a gentle man, with a wicked sense of humour.

It was the weekend of the May Day Bike Run in 2019. Mike and his two mates didn’t want to do the official event and instead decided they’d meet up and ride to Rye.

It was 8:10 in the morning, a beautiful, sunny day, the sky was blue. It was probably one of the best bank holidays ever. He got as far as the Tonbridge turning on the A21, and that's where the accident happened.

I knew nothing about it until I got a knock on the door from the police.

Two other bikers, who were off-duty nurses, stopped and gave him CPR.

The team from KSS had just landed at a promotional event in Ardingly and literally just took off again and were with Mike within minutes. Another paramedic, who I believe was heading London-bound, stopped and came over to help.

Together they gave him as much help and support as they could, and they revived him.

He had a severe brain injury, collapsed lungs and surgical emphysema, so they stabilised him and managed to fly him to King’s.

Mike then arrested again when he was transferred from A&E up into critical care, but he just never regained consciousness. And we had to make the decision ten days later, to switch life support off, which was the hardest decision but the right thing to do.

The interventions by KSS meant that, even though he never regained consciousness, I could be with him at the point in time that he went.

Everybody around gave him the best chance possible.

It’s been hard, but I know that Mike wasn't in pain and that he received the best treatment possible and was given the best chance of survival. Without KSS, he would never have made it to hospital and I wouldn't have had those ten days with him.

The biker community has been amazing, they're there for me if ever I need anything. I set up a memorial page in Mike’s memory and raised over £5K which was absolutely astounding.  

I visited KSS in 2019 and it was a privilege to meet Paramedic Caroline Rose and Dr Kevin Enright. I can take comfort knowing that Mike died doing something he loved and my heartfelt thanks go out to all of those people who helped at the time.

Caroline, Kevin and everyone else who was there all selflessly gave him the best chance anyone could have had. Mike’s passing has left a huge hole in my heart and the hearts of his family and many friends that will never be filled; but I have 32 years of happy, love-filled memories and the love and support of so many.

Mike was one of the loveliest men I have ever had the pleasure to know, he shaped my life and made me the person I am and for that I shall be forever in his debt.

Without KSS’s incredible service I would not have been able to spend the last 10 days of Mike's life with him, and although he never regained consciousness, I was able to be with him right to the end. They gave him the best chance of survival any of us could ever wish for.


If you have been impacted by any part of Nicky's story or would like to talk to us please contact our Patient and Family Aftercare Team

Mike and Nicky on their wedding day in Mauritius, 2006
Mike and Nicky on their wedding day in Mauritius, 2006
Mike in St Clears in Wales in 2018 with the couple's dog Branston Pickle
Mike in St Clears in Wales in 2018 with the couple's dog Branston Pickle