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Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex
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Team KSS Young Ambassadors

Our Team KSS Young Ambassadors are inspiring advocates of our vision ‘an end to preventable loss of life from medical emergency’.

We currently have seven active Young Ambassadors who work with us to raise awareness of our life-saving service. They are inspiring young people who mean a lot to our charity. Click on each image below to find out more about our Young Ambassadors, we hope you enjoy getting to learn more about them. 

How do I nominate someone to become a Team KSS Young Ambassador?

All of our Team KSS Young Ambassadors are selected by us, for their dedication and commitment to our charity. They are all inspiring young people who have a connection to us, have done something outstanding to support us in the past, are committed and passionate about helping to make a difference and are a voice and active champion for KSS.

This is the first Young Ambassador programme we’ve ever launched and we want to see how it goes before making it a nomination process. Please do contact us though if you’re aware of someone that you think would make an excellent Team KSS Young Ambassador. 


How do Young Ambassadors help to make a difference for KSS?

The activities that our Young Ambassadors undertake depend on their age, background and existing relationship to us. Our Young Ambassadors are an extension of Team KSS and are role models for our younger generation of supporters and fundraisers. This might include sharing their story and experiences of KSS as part of an awareness campaign, talking about us within schools or community clubs, featuring on social media or other exciting projects.