Meet the Chief Executive

David Welch

David Welch

David became CEO of the Charity in August 2019. A highly experienced leader and Chief Executive with 25 years’ experience in the health, international aid and development sectors helping people in need – including those living in some of the world’s most troubled hotspots.  An honours graduate in history and economics at Glasgow University, David pursued a successful early career in retail management before switching track to pursue international aid and development work including in conflict-torn countries such as Angola, Rwanda and Bosnia.  David then led a number of health-related charities in his native Scotland and, most recently, the north of England.
David is a Council Member of the Association of NHS Charities, a member of the Institute of Fundraising, a former Rotary Club Founder Secretary and President and former Chair of the National Association of Hospice Fundraisers. Outside of work he enjoys running, cycling, football and sport in general, as well as spending time with family and friends, travelling and enjoying good food in local cafés, restaurants and the occasional local pub.

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