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Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex
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Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

Please Support Our Emergency Appeal

We’re appealing for your help to ensure we can continue providing life-saving care to those in urgent need.

At Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS), like everyone, we face unprecedented challenges. Never before have we had to call on your support with this urgency as we launch our Coronavirus Emergency Appeal.

Our priority remains responding to the most sick or critically injured across our regions in their hour of need. In addition to continuing our life saving, specialist emergency service, we have now been called to action to support the NHS in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Working alongside the South East Coast Ambulance Service and the wider NHS, we will make the best use of our existing resources – our state of the art helicopters, response vehicles and equipment – and the outstanding expertise of medics and crew to contribute to this national effort by supporting the transfer of critically ill Coronavirus patients across our regions, as and when required.

We are investing in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), infection protection controls and specialist medical equipment to support our service delivery. It is my utmost priority to protect our team, ensuring they have the necessary resources and equipment to stay safe and save as many lives as possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. .

We are fully committed to working on the frontline to support the NHS and our communities and to save many more lives. But as a charity, we are completely reliant on the generosity of our donors and supporters, at a time when fundraising is challenging indeed, with 89% of the £14M we need each year to run our service comprising funds raised or donated by the public we serve.

We anticipate that this equipment alongside the associated transportation and additional costs, will amount to £535,000 in addition to our existing running costs, all at a time when fundraising is very challenging indeed.

I appreciate that this is a truly difficult time for everyone but to allow us to respond, we urgently need your help.

Please support our KSS Coronavirus Emergency Appeal with a donation today.

Anything you can give will help us to continue to respond to those most in need of our specialist care, and help us support our NHS to safely transfer Coronavirus patients to the facilities best equipped to treat them.

Thank you.


David Welch

"The transfer of patients experiencing the most serious symptoms is incredibly complex. These transfers will be demanding, and the safety and wellbeing of our crews will remain a priority. I have every confidence in the excellence of our team and thank them for their unwavering commitment and professionalism as we evolve with a new service to support our NHS at this critical time​."

David Welch, KSS CEO


Choose an amount to give

£7.50 a month could help provide sets of disposable, moisture repellent coveralls that are worn over the flight suits to prevent contamination.

Choose an amount to give

£35 could pay for 200 surgical masks that protect our crew.