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Thanking our Incredible Volunteers

01st Jun 2020

As a nation, we have been witness to the power of volunteering in reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many thousands of people have given up their time and energy to help others, to ensure those most vulnerable and isolated remain connected and supported. We have come together to volunteer, to care, to help and we should all be so very grateful and thankful for this incredible outpouring of support. The last few months have taught us the importance of connection, and the resilience and creativity of individuals to be there for others.

This year more than ever before, Volunteers’ Week represents a week of celebration. To celebrate and promote the power of volunteering and what it means to the charity sector and to our communities and to recognise that volunteering is needed now more than ever. The contribution of volunteers is both essential and invaluable. Collaboration is absolutely key to maximising impact and volunteering is core to how charities collaborate, by inspiring others to commit to the cause and to support in transforming outcomes.

Charities cannot achieve what they do alone. However, as well as volunteering providing critical support to the charity sector, volunteering offers multiple benefits for the individual. The sense of making a meaningful difference, of contributing to society, of supporting others, of changing lives. This mutual benefit further strengthens the power of volunteering and the reason it continues to play such a pivotal role in our society.

Our Team KSS Volunteers

Our amazing volunteers are an integral part of Team KSS. We are a purpose driven charity, and our volunteers form a key part in delivering our purpose. We are so very thankful and appreciative for their time and commitment. Put simply, we could not fund and deliver our outstanding, life-saving service without the generous contribution of our wonderful volunteers. We celebrate their individuality and contribution. From our committed Board members to our fundraising volunteers, to those who help raise awareness and generate commitment to our cause by inspiring others and sharing the key impact of our service. 

This Volunteers’ Week my sincere and heartfelt thanks go to our fantastic volunteers. From the bottom of my heart, I acknowledge and value the critical contribution they make to the sustainability and impact of our service. I am incredibly thankful for their contribution and commitment and immensely grateful for the difference they make as part of Team KSS.

I commit to ensuring the work and impact of our volunteers is celebrated and shared widely and I thank them all on behalf of every patient we treat and care for.

Thank you for #caringthekssway

Incredible Volunteers
Incredible Volunteers
David Welch - CEO
David Welch - CEO