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Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex
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Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you

The easiest way to reach us is by emailing You can also fill out
the form below.

If you need to speak to us on the phone please call 01634 471 900 between 9am
and 5pm Monday - Thursday and between 9am and 4:30pm on Fridays.

Our address is:

Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex
Rochester City Airport
Maidstone Road


Click here to donate online, or call 01634 471 946. Your donation will help us in our fight to save lives.

Lotteries and Raffles:

Click here to sign up to our Lottery online or here to find out more about our Raffles. You can call 01634 471 946 to make your Lottery or Raffle payment.

Our Lotteries and Raffles are a brilliant way to support our life-saving, critical care.


Keeping In Touch

*Mandatory field.

Choose an amount to give

£7.50 a month could pay for twenty disposable blood pressure cuffs used to measure a patient's blood pressure.

Choose an amount to give

£50 could fund 300 syringes used to administer life-saving drugs at the scene of an incident.