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Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex
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Business Partnerships

What do you look for in a partner?

For us, it’s not just about finding people that care about what we do, it’s about finding people who truly believe in it. People who understand our commitment to all the communities we help across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.  People who share our vision to make a life-saving difference all day, every day.
People who want to be part of it all, together with us.

 Through our partnerships, we want to do more than raise money. We want to build a relationship with people who understand our cause, and we do that by bringing our partners inside and giving them real insight into how their fundraising is making a difference.

Ways to partner with us

Other ways to help

We are so proud to support KSS. The amazing warmth and appreciation received from the Charity keeps our staff committed to fundraising for this high profile life-saving service.

White & Sons

Choose an amount to give

£7.50 a month could pay for twenty disposable blood pressure cuffs used to measure a patient's blood pressure.

Choose an amount to give

£50 could fund 300 syringes used to administer life-saving drugs at the scene of an incident.