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Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex

Aligning your business with a charity or cause is a powerful way of demonstrating your principles and values to potential customers.

Cause-related marketing (CRM) can be more effective than tie-ups with sports, music or fashion in helping people understand what your company represents and why they should engage with your products and services.

For our business partners, working with Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex provides an opportunity to connect with customers across the South East, helping you grow awareness and develop your presence among the community.

How you decide to support us is entirely up to you: you might offer products at a fixed price and donate a percentage of sales to our charity; you might offer discounts to air ambulance supporters.

Either way, it’s a positive relationship that generates funds for our life-saving work and goodwill for your business.

Speak to us today for more details on how we can work in partnership with your business. Call us on 01634 471 900 or email

Choose an amount to give

£7.50 a month could pay for twenty disposable blood pressure cuffs used to measure a patient's blood pressure.

Choose an amount to give

£50 could fund 300 syringes used to administer life-saving drugs at the scene of an incident.