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Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex

Thank you for taking the reins this August to join us on our virtual KSS Ride!

We do hope that you all enjoy participating in KSS Ride and helping to raise vital funds to help support our life-saving service. We wish to take this opportunity to remind all horse owners that you have a duty of care to your horse’s welfare and responsibilities that you must uphold whilst out and about as a rider. For further information, helpful tips and advice when riding your horse or planning your route, please visit here.

We would like to ensure that you are kept safe throughout your participation in KSS Ride and therefore strongly advise the following;

  • Wearing a high-vis waistcoat when riding your horse; these are available to purchase here. Not only do these make you more visible, they also show your support for the charity and your participation in KSS Ride!
  • Wearing a riding helmet or hat that meets the current standards. Helmets and hats should be secured at all times when mounted. For more information see here
  • Body Protectors are strongly recommended and should comply with current standards. For more information see here.
  • Wearing suitable riding footwear.
  • Ensure the Highway Code is always adhered to when riding on the road.

Below are some frequently asked questions that we hope you will find useful:

I just signed up, now what?

Firstly, join our exclusive KSS Ride Facebook Group. Once you are in, you can set up a fundraising page, purchase your high-vis waistcoat and pre-order your free finishers rosette, get tips, be inspired about how the money you and your horse raise will make a difference and also be motivated by other like-minded people taking on the challenge.

Where and how can I complete the challenge?

The location can be completely set by you, just ensure that you have the permission to ride your horse round your chosen route.

Have I got to complete all the distance in one go?

Not unless you want to! You have a week to complete the challenge, so if a few shorter routes suit you and your horse then that’s absolutely fine! It’s your challenge!

How do I keep track of how many miles I’ve done?

There are a selection of popular riding apps which have a tracking feature available such as Endomondo, Equilab and Viewranger. Alternatively, you may wish to use apps such as Garmin or Strava. We recommend that you always ensure that your device has sufficient battery if using one of these apps on your mobile phone. Alternatively, you may wish to plot or plan out your route on a map and work out the distance that you have travelled. Please note that we are not affiliated with any of these apps or companies.

What if I don’t complete the challenge?

All riders and horses that sign up to the challenge will have varying levels of abilities and fitness. This challenge is personal to both the rider and the horse; the only thing that matters is that you are taking on a challenge that you can both enjoy together, whilst helping to raise money and awareness for our life-saving charity. If you are unable to complete the challenge in full for whatever reason, please just keep your sponsors updated and fully informed on your page.

When will I get my rosette?

This event is due to end the 28th August, rosettes will be posted the following week.

How do I get my free rosette?

You’ll find the link to order your rosette within the announcement section of our Facebook group. Please note that you must complete the form to receive your rosette; you can find the form here. Once complete, this will be sent to the address provided, the week commencing

How can I purchase a high-vis waistcoat?

Please visit here or alternatively, call one of the team and they will be able to take your order for you over the telephone. High-vis waistcoats are subject to availability.

It can take up to 2 weeks for you to receive your item/s, please order in good time ahead of the start of your event.

Remember high-vis waistcoats are great for making you more visible, but also show your participation in KSS Ride!

What size are the high-vis waistcoats?

10-12 years (to fit 34-36in chest), small (to fit 36-38in chest), medium (to fit 40-42in chest), large (to fit 44-46in chest), XL (to fit 48-50in chest) and 2XL (to fit 52-54in chest)

I have received my high-vis waistcoat but it does not fit, what should I do?

Please refer to the sizing given for the high-vis waistcoats before ordering. If you find that the high-vis size that you have ordered does not fit, then please contact one of our team to arrange an alternative (please note that this is subject to stock availability).

What if I or my horse gets injured or sick – what do I do?

There is a possibility that injuries or sickness may occur during any challenge. The health and wellbeing of our supporters is really important, so if you or your horse become unwell or injured please seek medical advice as soon as possible. Please do not try and complete the challenge if you don’t feel able or well enough to do so. If you wish to complete the challenge when you are fully recovered you are always welcome to do so.

My child wishes to take part – how do I do this?

Children are very welcome to take part and you can edit your Facebook fundraiser page on Facebook to show that your child is taking part.

I’m not on Facebook, can I still take part in KSS Ride?

Of course! You can sign up for the challenge via our website and you will still receive the relevant emails from us full of help and advice.

You can also download our sponsorship forms and pay-in details here – please don’t forget to ask all of your kind sponsors to complete all of the details so that we can claim 25% Gift Aid where they are eligible.

If you’re unable to print the sponsorship form please email Alternatively, you can use JustGiving or any other online giving platform and we will directly receive any funds raised from the challenge.

Can I get additional rosettes for my friends and family taking part with me?

We’d love to be able to send a rosette out to all of the wonderful people that are supporting us through the challenge. But as an independent charity, we can only afford to send one rosette out to each registered participant. If you’d like to make a donation to help cover the cost of additional items please call 01634 471900 and we’ll organise one for you, if we have enough stock.

How do I raise money?

Creating a Facebook fundraising page is the easiest way to raise money. You can set one up in just one click here.

It’s then really easy to share the page with your Facebook friends. There’s no minimum target so every pound raised will make a difference.

My fundraising page has closed – what shall I do?

Once a Facebook fundraising page has closed there is no way of re-opening it. Instead you will need to create a new page which you can do by clicking here.

What if I don’t have Facebook / my sponsors don’t have Facebook?

If neither you nor your sponsors have access to Facebook, there are a number of ways you can raise funds.

• You can encourage friends and family to donate via our website – please ask them to include your name and sponsorship for KSS Ride in the ‘reason for donating’ and drop down box.

Alternatively you are welcome to collect money offline through a sponsorship form which you can download and pay this in once you have finished your challenge. Please email if you’re unable to download and print a form. You can also use other online giving platforms such as Just Giving.

Where will my friend’s money go?

If you’re raising money on Facebook or other online platforms such as JustGiving, the money comes directly to us to help ensure we can continue our life-saving work. You don’t have to worry about this, it happens automatically.

How will my money make a difference?

We are an independent charity and amazingly 88% of our income is donated and raised by the general public; people like you and your four-legged friend!

It costs more than £15 million a year to ensure our life-saving service is there to help the critically injured, or the sickest in their hour of need, across our region.

Your funds will help us to save lives. Just £30 could help buy a set of defibrillator pads to help resuscitate someone during a cardiac arrest. Or, £120 could help fund enough aircraft fuel for one life-saving mission.

My friend donated directly to you via your website, does it link to my Facebook fundraiser as it is not showing on my page?

Unfortunately Facebook will not show the offline donation/s that your friend/s have made as it only recognises donations made on the site.

However, if your friend put your name as their reason for the donation, we can soft credit this to your record internally so that this can included it in your final total. Don’t worry if they didn’t, you just need to let us know their name, the amount they donated and the date they donated, we can organise this for you.

You can then state on your page that you have an additional donation that came directly to us. Please contact us with details at

My friends have donated and I can’t see their donation on my page?

Sometimes a donation on Facebook can take up to 48 hours to display on the page, this may happen if it is made over a weekend. However, if the donation doesn’t appear after this timeframe, ask your sponsor to check if the money has left their account.  There could be other reasons why it doesn’t appear so quickly:  if your friends donated using PayPal, this can take up to three days to appear on your page or donations from other countries may also take a number of days to appear.  If you still experience issues and the money has left an account, you can contact Facebook directly or email and we can always look to see if we have received the donation.

Can I just raise money offline?

Yes- please do this via our donation page on our website or download our sponsorship form here to collect fundraising from friends and family.

How do I pay or send in sponsorship money in that I have collected?

You can pay in sponsorship money through our website you can send us a cheque with a note of your name, address, email or telephone number and the fact it is sponsorship from the KSS Ride. Please also include the sponsorship form. The cheque can be sent to Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance Trust, Rochester City Airport, Maidstone Road, Chatham Kent ME5 9SD.

Alternatively you can make a bank transfer, please contact for details or you can call on 01634 471900 to make a payment over the phone. 

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