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Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex
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Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Schools are an ideal place to tell the air ambulance story. Not only does it reinforce important messages about road safety but children are also naturally curious about the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service we provide from the skies across Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Fundraising is an ideal way to get the whole school together to focus on a common goal, encouraging pupils to take part in activities that can even be fun for the teachers! How you do it is up to you. Already got a fundraising idea? We’d love to hear all about it. If not, pick up some inspiration below and don’t forget to also check out our Advice & Ideas page. Whatever you do, get your school involved today!

Arrange a bake sale

Let them eat cake! There are very few people who can resist a delicious sugary treat, which means that bake sales are a surefire fundraising winner. They're simple too - just bring in delicious homemade or shop-bought treats to your school and arrange a time and place for parents and children to buy.

Hold a Games Day

Don't get us wrong, school should be a place of learning. But when all the hard work has been done, make the most of the last day of term by letting pupils bring in their favourite toys and games in return for a donation. It can even double up as a lesson in fair play and charitable giving!

Create a coin trail

Spare change gives pupils a way to create while they donate. Place coins end-to-end and see how far around the school you can reach or make an Art Attack style picture with them – maybe even a helicopter! When it's all done, collect your coins together and add up your fundraising total.

Wear Red Instead

Celebrate the colour worn by the superheroes in our life-saving medical team by getting pupils and staff to ditch their uniform or usual clothes and Wear Red Instead. Just pick a date, choose your outfit and raise as much sponsorship as you can.

Wear Red Instead

Useful Information For Fundraisers

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