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Crisp Packet Recycling

Crisp Packets

Your empty crisp packets might not mean much to you, but they’re worth a whole lot to us!

Our crisp packet recycling scheme – instigated by AAKSS volunteer and fundraiser Adam Hunter – gives us the chance to raise funds from your rubbish.

It forms part of a recycling scheme set up by Terracycle and Walkers crisps, although all brands of crisp packet can be accepted, including the multipack outer packaging.

All you need to do is collect empty crisp packets at home, at work or at school, and then drop them off at a local collection point to start making a difference to us today!

At home
Simply fill an old box or bag with your used crisp packets and once you have reached a minimum weight of 5kg simply contact us at to request a free UPS label* that will be emailed to you and then can be used to send your collected packets directly to Terracycle.

At work
Get your whole workplace involved in our recycling scheme. Complete the form below to register and receive an AAKSS Recycle Pack, which includes posters that can be displayed in your workplace. Once you have collected a minimum of 5kg of empty packets, contact us at for a free UPS label* that will be emailed to you. It can then be used to send your collected packets directly to Terracycle.

At school
Pupils and teachers can help our air ambulance service by bringing in their empty crisp packets – just use an old box or bag to start collecting today. Register using the form below to receive an AAKSS Recycle Pack that includes posters for your school to raise awareness and get your campaign up-and-running. Once a minimum of 5kg has been collected, contact us at for a free UPS label* and send your packets directly to Terracycle.

Download Your Poster
Get started today - download your Crisp Packet Recycling poster and start raising funds from your rubbish! For the most up-to-date information about this scheme visit:

Already collecting?
To request a new free UPS label, email us at Remember, every time you wish send your collected packets to Terracycle, you need to request a new label. Please DO NOT re-use labels as this will mean that funds will not be accredited to the charity.

Collection Points
As an alternative to posting your packets, you can drop them off at any one of the locations listed below:

  • Morrisons Sittingbourne (next to Amazon lockers) - ME10 3ET
  • Morrisons Canterbury (in entrance lobby) - CT1 3TQ
  • Deal railway station (in booking office) - CT14 6HD
  • Tesco Whitfield, Dover (next to Coinstar machine) - CT16 3PS
  • Tesco Whitstable (next to Rug Doctor) - CT5 3EE
  • Tesco Broadstairs, Westwood Cross (next to Coinstar) - CT10 2QJ
  • Tesco Park Farm, Ashford (next to Coinstar) - TN23 3LU
  • Hythe Swimming Pool (in reception) - CT21 6AR
  • Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre (in reception) - TN23 1PL
  • Sainsbury's West Park Farm, Folkestone - CT19 5GA
  • Co-op Food, Shepherdswell - CT15 7NU
  • Co-op Food, Sandwich - CT13 9AL
  • Morrisons Erith (in entrance lobby) - DA8 1BA
  • Tesco Maidstone, Grove Green (behind tills) - ME14 5TQ
  • Tesco Extra, Gillingham, Courtneney Road (Next to the coinstar) - ME8 OGX

*Each free UPS label can only be used once, so please email for a new one each time. If this is not done, Terracycle will be unable to accredit this and Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex will NOT receive any funds for them.

**Cardboard recycling boxes are reusable. Do not post the provided box to Terracycle

Get more information on the crisp packet recycling process at 

Downloadable Crisp Packet Recycling Poster
Downloadable Crisp Packet Recycling Poster
Crisp Packet Recycling Box
Crisp Packet Recycling Box
Bag full of empty crisp packets
Bag full of empty crisp packets
Send your collected packets directly to Terracycle.
Send your collected packets directly to Terracycle.