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Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex

Saying ‘thank you’ is something that’s important to us.

And it’s even better when we get to tell one of our supporters face-to-face.

As an KSS volunteer representative, you play a key part in helping us get out and about to thank all of the people who support us across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

It’s the perfect role for anyone who likes meeting new people and is comfortable standing up and saying a few words about our work. It’s then your responsibility to accept donations, paying in any cash or mailing cheques to us after the event.

We’ll give you full training and ensure you’re equipped you with all the materials you need.

Volunteer for KSS

As a volunteer I find attending cheque presentations a particularly rewarding aspect of fund raising, they provide a chance to thank those involved for their commitment and enthusiasm in.

Cheque Presentation Volunteer