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Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex

Collection boxes remain a crucial weapon in our fundraising armoury.

Not only do they provide a constant flow of donations to our charity, they also give us a visible presence thanks to all the many premises across the region who display them so prominently.

As a collection box agent, you will be responsible for managing all the boxes within a specific area. The key tasks are to empty the boxes, bank the money and send us all the details, while ensuring the boxes are maintained in a good condition.

Last year, our collection boxes brought in over £200,000 - that loose change really does add up! We would love it if you could help us raise even more.

We’ll give you full training and equip you with all the materials you need.

Volunteer for KSS

When I think about how much money it costs to keep the Air Ambulance going, it makes me more determined to keep the money coming in.

Collection Box Agent