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Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex

The more people we can reach with our message, the more funds we can raise to support our air ambulance service and enhance the care we give to patients in their time of need.

For us, opportunities to speak are incredibly valuable – they are a really powerful way of getting our story across and people are always interested to listen, whether at a school, group meeting or business function.

For our speakers, it's such a fulfilling thing to do. And while there is definitely a sense of achievement in helping a good cause, the real reward is the reaction in people’s faces when they get an understanding of what our work entails.

So, if you’re a confident speaker and have time you can spare, help us deliver our presentation as a volunteer speaker. We’ll give you full training and equip you with all the materials you need.

Volunteer for KSS

We are offering time and effort to increase public awareness of the air ambulance in the local community.

Volunteer Public Speaker