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Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex
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Jackie’s Story

“I often stand in my kitchen with the radio on, looking out at the planes approaching Heathrow Airport in the distance. Junction 13 of the M25 sits in between, and there were many times when the traffic news reported an accident or incident where the Air Ambulance was needed and the road was shut.

I felt compelled to see if I could offer the charity any kind of support and, having Googled AAKSS, I discovered they were looking for volunteer speakers. My working life had given me experience of teaching, training and performing marriage ceremonies as a registrar, so it felt like a perfect way of helping.

On my Induction Day, I met Clare from Sussex and Sharon from Kent. They both had, in different ways, life-saving experience of the service. We quickly became friends and it cemented my determination to help the charity.

Over the last two years, I have met many staff involved in all aspects of AAKSS’ work as well as fellow volunteers from across the region. It has taught me so much about medical practice and the helicopters at the heart of the service.

The dedication of the staff in supporting us, the volunteers, means we have a detailed understanding of the service - that’s what audiences find so interesting and that’s what results in such generous donations. Added to that, we are lucky to be able to go to new places and meet so many new people, some of whom are the grateful survivors who have such amazing stories to tell.”

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