Many people use their wills or legacies to leave their precious gifts of a legacy to a favorite charity. All gifts and legacies are free from Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax. It can also be changed later if you wish.

You can help others and save tax, by leaving a legacy to the Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance Trust.

Legacies and donations for maintaining and improving this essential service are most gratefully received. Traditionally about one-third of our income has come from gifts left to us in Wills, which means that one in three missions are only possible thanks to someone having left us a legacy. Without the help of these people, it would be hard for us to continue to plan into the future.

Why not celebrate your life by creating a better future for all those who, one day, may need the life-saving skills of our doctors and critical care paramedics? Your support really can make a difference.

It is a wonderful opportunity to do something positive in your life to make an invaluable contribution to our work in the future.

There are several ways you can support your Air Ambulance in your Will:

Make a Residual Gift

After making a provision for your family and friends, you may consider leaving the remainder, or a proportion of your estate, to our charity.

Make a Monetary Gift

By leaving a specific amount as a cash donation to our charity.

Make a Gift in Kind

Bequeath a gift of property, shares, jewelry or any other items you may wish to leave to our charity.

Existing Will

If you simply want to add on a legacy to an existing will, this could be done by drawing up what is known as a Codicil. This is then kept with the original copy of your will. To do this, your solicitor will request the following information:

1)Name of Charity: Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust

2)Registered Charity Number: 1021367

3)Charity’s Registered Address
Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust
Rochester City Airport
Maidstone Road

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