Spring Draw 2018


We're delighted to announce the winners of our Spring Draw 2018!

1st Prize - £5,000: Ticket no. 0151165
2nd Prize - £1,000: Ticket no. 0489924
3rd Prize - £250: Ticket no. 0194967

£50 Prize Winners:
- Ticket no. 0166358
- Ticket no. 0101286
- Ticket no. 0193348
- Ticket no. 1016695
- Ticket no. 0629467

Thank you so much for your support!
Without your incredible generosity, we would not be able to operate our life-saving service and be there for people like Daisy.

Kye Sharrad

“If it wasn’t for them, Kye may not be here today"

Five-year-old Kye Sharrad was feeding a horse at his grandfather’s stable when the animal suddenly turned, knocking Kye, who then...

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