Superdraw Terms & Conditions

Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd., Superdraw: Terms & Conditions

Updated March 2018

Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd., Superdraw

Terms & Conditions
Updated March 2018
1 Governance
1.1       The Superdraw is an additional jackpot draw to the Regular Lottery, operated and promoted by Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. (registered address Unit 14, Wheelbarrow Park Estate, Pattenden Lane, Marden, Kent TN12 9QJ), as a society lottery under the Gambling Act 2005.
2.1       Registered with the Gambling Commission.Operating Licence No. 000-004674-N-307853.
PML Holders: L Harris & J Cook.
1.3       Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust.
Registered Charity No. 1021367.
A Company Limited by Guarantee.
Registered in England & Wales No. 2803242.
2 General
2.1       The Superdraw is only available for entry to paying members of the Regular Lottery.
2.2       The Superdraw will take place each week on Wednesday and as and when there is a winner, this will be announced within 3 working days on the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance website A maximum of 3 draws may take place retrospectively at the discretion of the board of the society.
2.3       The following people may enter the Superdraw:
2.3.1   Individuals over the age of 16 years who reside in or have a bank account in the UK.
2.3.2   Individuals who are already a paying member of Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. Regular Lottery.
2.4       The maximum amount of chances permitted for any individual is 20 per week.
2.5       All proceeds, after the deduction of legal prizes and expenses, shall be donated to the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust.
2.6       Any application for entry into the lottery may be rejected for any reason by discretion of the Promoter.
2.7       Any lottery entry may be terminated for any reason at the discretion of the Promoter.
2.8       The Promoter’s decision is final in any matter regarding the lottery.
3 How to Play
3.1       Each entry costs £1 per draw. The member will be entered into the draw for which each subscription has been received in advance of the draw taking place. All advance payments received from the member will be held in account by Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd., and credited upon receipt to the relevant amount of draws in advance.
3.2       Each member will be issued a combination of 4 numbers within the range of 1-42 and these will be allocated to their Superdraw membership. Our Random Number Generator will allocate these numbers randomly.
3.3       Persons eligible may apply to play the Superdraw by completing an application form which will include the following information:
3.3.1   The member’s name, full address, telephone number, confirmation of age over 16, and a completed Direct Debit mandate in favour of the draw. Alternatively members may join by advance cheque or card payment, complete with name and address details and age confirmation.
3.4       The Direct Debit Guarantee applies to all Direct Debit arrangements. A copy of the Direct Debit Guarantee will be supplied to all members with their welcome pack. A member can cancel their Direct Debit at any time by notifying their bank or building society. Members should also notify Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. of cancellation. Any funds held in advance and not used in draws by Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. will be returned to a member upon request. No refund can be made in respect of subscriptions used in draws, unless as a result of our negligence.
3.5       Following acceptance of membership, Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. will issue all members with a letter stating their unique combination of Superdraw numbers allocated to them, and their membership number for the Regular Lottery that will be entered into all future draws that payment has been received for. Members paying by Direct Debit will also receive a document detailing the Direct Debit instruction, including frequency and amount of payments amongst other relevant detail as required by the Direct Debit Guarantee.
3.6       It is the responsibility of the member to check their details held by us are correct, and to inform us of any errors in the information held. Members are also responsible for informing us of any future changes in their personal details, to which we will update the details on our system within 3 working days of the notification.
3.7       Members should note the date and frequency of payments and ensure that funds are available to cover Direct Debit payments when due. Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. will not be liable for any charges incurred by the member, unless as a result of our negligence.
4 Draws & Prizes
4.1       In each draw, 4 numbers will be selected by a computerised random number generator. If the 4 numbers drawn make a complete match to a paying member’s combination, they will win the amount of money in the jackpot at that time. If the 4 numbers drawn do not make a complete match to a member’s combination, then the jackpot prize will roll over to the following week. The jackpot prize will continue to roll over if not won, and if the jackpot fund reaches £25,000, at this point multiple draws will be made in a single week until a complete match is randomly selected. When this occurs, the relevant member wins £25,000, subject to clause 4.3.
4.2       The draw is operated by a designated officer of Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd., and the draw is witnessed and the results recorded.
4.3       Only members who have paid subscription to the relevant draw will be eligible to win.
4.4       Members will not accrue any debt to the lottery.
4.5       The maximum jackpot amount that can be won is published on the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance website. Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. has the right to change the contribution to the jackpot from each £1 payment at any time, in line with the Gambling Act 2005.
4.6       Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. reserve the right to withhold payment of a prize if we are not satisfied as to the validity or legality of a member, pending further investigation into each case.
4.7       Prize monies will be paid by cheque within 20 working days, subject to satisfaction of section 4.6, and sent to the winner’s registered address held by us following completion of the draw, with no requirement for winners to claim.

4.8       Should Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. be unable to pay a winning member because we do not hold their correct details, and after exhaustive investigation which may include communication with the member’s last known bank, we will after a period of 6 months, treat the winning monies as a donation to the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust.
4.9       Winners’ details, in brief, may be used to promote new membership and/or further lotteries.
5 Liability
5.1       Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. will not be liable to a member for any loss or damage suffered to a member arising from:
5.1.1   Any delays in payments received from members for entry into the lottery.
5.1.2   Any delays or failure in the postal service or other delivery methods including emails used by Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. or by members.
5.1.3   Any failures in the banking system used to transmit payments to or from Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd.
6 Complaints
6.1       Complaints pertaining to the lottery draw should in the first instance be sent by post to the address above, or by email to In the first instance a complaint will be dealt with by the manager of the lottery department. Should the complaint not be satisfied at this point it will be referred to the board of directors of Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. If the complaint is still not satisfied at this point, the complaint will be referred to the Independent Betting and Adjudication Service (IBAS) whose decision will be final.
7 Law
7.1       These terms and conditions are the rules of Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. Superdraw Lottery. By becoming a member you agree to be bound by these rules.
8 Privacy
8.1       We look after your data. To view our Privacy Statement, please click here
Air Ambulance Promotions Ltd. reserves the right to update and amend these terms and conditions at any time.

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