Brooke's Story

My name is Caroline. I am a mum to five children, including 12 year old Brooke. I’m so grateful that, because of you, I still have my beautiful daughter with me. This charity is very close to my heart and I hope by sharing our story, you will understand how your support truly makes a difference. I’d also like to tell you about their brilliant Christmas Draw, giving you the chance to win whilst helping them to carry on their vital work!

In June this year, we celebrated my son’s 9th birthday. As you can imagine, it was a fun filled day! My husband was working late, so the children and I celebrated with a tea party after school. We had a great evening which ended with my son blowing out his candles at around 8pm.

At around 10pm, Brooke came downstairs feeling wheezy. She took her inhaler and I hoped this would settle her asthma - but it didn’t, and her breathing got worse. I called for an ambulance and reassured Brooke everything would be ok, but I was panicking because she was struggling for breath. The first ambulance crew arrived and the moment they stepped inside my house, Brooke stopped breathing. Two more ambulance crews arrived and managed to get her back, and they decided to call the air ambulance crew. When they arrived, the doctor and paramedic placed Brooke into an induced coma so that they could control her breathing for her. They also had to put in two chest drains, as both of her lungs had collapsed.

Whilst this was happening, I was outside our house because the crew needed space to help her. Of course, I didn’t want to get in the way, but it was so overwhelming to not know what was happening. I had no idea what they might come out and tell me.

The air ambulance crew decided to take Brooke to St George’s Hospital in London, as their major trauma centre has a specialist paediatric unit. After immediate treatment, she was transferred to paediatric intensive care where she stayed in an induced coma for 5 days. She was then moved to the children’s ward and came home after two weeks in hospital. She continued to make a good recovery and went back to school in September.

We went to visit the air ambulance crew to thank them for saving Brooke’s life. I truly believe I would be telling a different story if it wasn’t for them. They gave her treatment that would usually only be available in a hospital, on the floor of my lounge. Then, they took her to the hospital that could best help her. Brooke did not have time on her side that evening, but this charity was there for her. And they were there for her because of you – because of your support. I may never meet you to be able to say thank you so I’d like to thank you now.

This Christmas I will cherish every moment, but I’ll be thinking of their crews who will be working on Christmas Day and into the New Year. These amazing heroes will be there for any of us, should we need them – as they are all year round.

Please can you do a little extra to help by entering their Christmas Draw? You could win £5,000 whilst helping this amazing charity to keep flying high, and help more people like Brooke.

Thank you once again. From me and my family, I wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe Christmas.

Brooke's Mum

David Johnstone

“When the air ambulance arrived I thought it must be quite serious but I wasn’t aware of the level of expertise and equipment on board.”

David Johnston was helping a...

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