Louie's Story

My name is Libbie, and I’d like to share our story with you. After having three wonderful daughters, I couldn’t believe it when I found out I was expecting a boy, Louie.

When Louie was three years old, the most dreadful thing happened. It was a lovely, warm summer evening - a normal day was drawing to a close and Louie was playing on his skateboard with friends.

Suddenly, my world was turned upside down when a car reversed over Louie, both the front and rear wheels crushing his little body. An ambulance was called but due to the extent of Louie’s injuries, the paramedic on scene requested the assistance of the air ambulance and its enhanced care team.

The charity’s doctor and paramedic assessed Louie by the side of the road. They were concerned that, in addition to obvious injuries to his leg and arm, there could be irreversible damage to his neck and spine. Advanced IV analgesia and sedation were administered, his spine and leg were splinted to prevent further potential damage, and he was assessed for internal bleeding using ultrasound. He was then airlifted, with me at his side, directly to the major trauma centre at St George’s Hospital in London - the best place to care for his injuries.

When handing Louie over to the trauma team at St George’s, the air ambulance doctor expressed concern about the position of his neck, which he wouldn’t move. They were also worried that Louie hadn’t moved his legs since the accident. Whilst Louie went for a scan, I waited outside and began to cry. From the moment the car hit Louie it was as if life froze and I just couldn’t think clearly.  I kept thinking about the day he was born and I was so frightened I wouldn’t get my little Louie back. The scan results and a neurological assessment revealed that Louie had a broken femur and an injury to his lung, but had suffered no long term damage to his neck and spine.

Thankfully, due to the speed, skill and expertise of the air ambulance t
eam, and the care given to Louie at St George’s, he made a full recovery, despite having to spend six weeks in a body cast. It was amazing to bring Louie to meet Charlie, the paramedic who helped him that day. I still don’t quite know how you thank someone for saving your little boy’s life.

We are so grateful to everyone involved in Louie’s care - especially you. Because you are one of the people who helped Louie. Your support helped him to get the right care, by an air ambulance doctor and paramedic, at the roadside. You helped to get him to the right hospital quickly.

It’s because of people like you, supporting the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance, that Louie is back with us, that he has started school, that he can still play on his skateboard and do all the things that little boys do.

Thank you once again.

Joe Goodchild

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