Daisy's Story

When I was asked to share our story, I jumped at the chance to thank you for supporting this amazing charity.
Three years ago, at just two years old, my granddaughter Daisy was involved in a devastating accident when she was kicked in the face by a horse. When we saw the injury to her little forehead we were filled with panic. There was a lot of blood and the wound looked incredibly deep.
After calling 999 the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance crew arrived - we then knew it was serious. Their doctor, Kevin Enright, and their paramedic, Richard Crabb, were very concerned and suspected that Daisy had a fractured skull and internal bleeding. They knew she needed not just urgent treatment, but specialist treatment too. They gave her pain relief and sedated her so she was as comfortable as possible and decided to airlift her to St. George’s Hospital in London, a major trauma centre with a neurological unit, that could best care for her.
Even though it was reassuring to know that she was in the best possible hands, I couldn’t bear for Daisy to travel in the helicopter on her own, so I accompanied her and the crew on the 15 minute flight. By road, this journey would have taken an hour and 15 minutes but for Daisy, every second counted.
As she was so small, Dr Kevin carried Daisy from the helipad and took her straight to the trauma team in the hospital where it was confirmed that she had a fractured skull and bruising to her brain. This injury could have been life-changing, but thanks to the work of the crew and the quick transfer to the right hospital, Daisy was given the very best chance.
I will be forever grateful to the crew of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance for everything they did that day. And I will be forever grateful to you, because it is your support that ensures this amazing charity can continue to help people, of any age, when they really need it. I can’t bear to imagine our lives without our little granddaughter, and I am so thankful that, because of you, she received the best possible care.
It would mean so much to our family if you would continue your support and donate to the charity this springtime. It costs over £6.5million each year to run the service and each time their crew go to help someone, it costs about £2,500. If just 100 people gave £25, it could fund a mission and help another family. Any contribution you feel able to make will be so appreciated and really will make a difference.

Seeing Daisy now, such a lively and happy young girl in her first year of school, is overwhelming. We’re so lucky to have her in our lives. When I pick her up from school and she comes running out, I always think back to that day and how different things could have been.
Thank you again and I hope you feel able to help.
 Daisy’s Grandad

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