Collection Boxes

Collection boxes are a simple yet effective way to not only raise money but also raise awareness of our charity.

If you run a business or shop then you could collect money for the Air Ambulance by placing one or more of our branded cash collection boxes (pictured left) at your till points.

Once you register with us we will send you a sealed Air Ambulance branded collection box together with instructions about what to do when the box is full; a volunteer will be sent to empty the collection box and will issue a receipt showing exactly how much money was raised.

We are always grateful to all pubs, shops, cafes and other businesses who display one of our collection boxes. Having a collection box (chained if required) in your establishment is a safe and easy way for you to support Air Ambulance.

Last year we raised over £180,000 from generous customers making donations in our boxes.

If you can help please contact Megan Hand click here to email:  or please call 01634 471 900

Nigel Barclay

“If it wasn’t for the treatment I received at the scene of my accident, and the fast transportation to a London hospital, I would not be here today....”

Family man...

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