Corporate Support

Together we can help save lives!

There are many ways your company can work with Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex and make a huge difference to those people who need our life-saving service. From charity of the year partnerships to give as you earn in the workplace; sponsorship to providing gifts in kind, your support will make a big contribution towards helping us save lives. We rely almost entirely on voluntary contributions, so it’s only through the generosity of our supporters that we can provide this essential service.

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How your company benefits

“A few years ago we were looking to improve the reporting of workplace hazards and near-misses across all our sites. Staff and contractors were able to phone in these potential safety issues to a dedicated reporting line so they could be resolved. As it is sometimes easier not to take time to make the call, we came up with the idea of ‘rewarding’ everyone who made the effort by donating £2 for each call to a charity. For several years now that charity has been the air ambulance trusts in our region.

"For us it’s the perfect result – we’ve greatly increased the number of near hazards and near-misses reported so the overall safety risk has been reduced. Simultaneously, we are supporting an excellent charity that could be called on to help any of our staff or their families involved in a serious accident.

"We’ve proved it works and I would commend this type of charitable reward link as an incentive to any other organisations looking to improve staff engagement with an issue.”

- John Courden, Head of Health & Safety, Southern Water

Relationships with our business partners are important to us and are partnerships we truly value. But it’s not just about helping us; working with such a compelling cause can bring real benefits for your businesses, including:

  • High profile PR and marketing opportunities to enhance your company profile and brand, helping you forge links with communities across the south east

  • Enhancing your reputation as a good corporate citizen that cares about the people in your community

  • Improving your staff morale, commitment and loyalty

  • Increasing motivation, team-work and a sense of achievement for employees at all levels

  • Attracting new customers and clients because your take corporate social responsibility seriously

How your business can help

“The Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance is a well-known and respected charity close to many people’s hearts. We have supported the air ambulance for a long time because our help can help them continue with their vital, life-saving work. We can most definitely see our support in action and we’ve had a great deal of fun along the way fundraising for this fantastic cause. Supporting the communities in which we live and work is a fundamental part of who we are, and this service is so important and needed which is why we will continue to be proud supporters in the years to come."

- Matthew Truelove, Managing Partner, TWM Solicitors

There are many ways your company can work with us and make a huge difference to those people who need our life-saving service – your support will make a big contribution towards helping us save lives.

How we will support you

“Working with the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance as our local nominated charity has been fantastic. Their support throughout the partnership could not have been better - the volunteers and staff are extremely committed to making a difference, helping us with fundraising materials and arranging meetings to support us.

"The partnership has enabled us to do some phenomenal fundraising throughout the year, and I would highly recommend a partnership with the charity.”

- Philip Lawler, Events and Community Co-Ordinator, Dobbies Garden World,Ashford

We will work closely with you to meet your aims and objectives and provide:

  • An innovative, friendly and passionate team to support you

  • Your own fundraising account manager

  • An exciting programme of events and projects to involve your employees and colleagues, with something for everyone

  • Regular fundraising progress updates

  • A partnership plan if you need one

  • Case studies and visits to our bases so that staff, clients and customers understand the impact and the real difference your support makes

  • Regular e-update for all our corporate partners

  • Fly-overs/fly-ins to high profile events

  • Basic CPR awareness for your employees?

  • Invitation to exclusive events and networking opportunities

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