Cause related marketing

 “We were delighted with the partnership with Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance; the team was very supportive, and they made it easy for us to ensure that everything ran smoothly. The collaboration of the team was outstanding- from the initial request for information and proposal to the execution of the campaign. We would recommend you to any organisation seeking a charity to support. The best measure of success for us is the feedback we got from our customers and staff- everyone has been laudatory in their comments, and most importantly, we’ve achieved the overall objective of the campaign as well as having fun along the way.”
- Peter Waddell Founder and Chairman at Big Motoring World Group.

Many companies find CRM/affinity schemes are the most cost-effective way to sell their products and enhance their brand image. *Research shows that CRM partnerships are more likely to persuade customers to buy a brand than tie-ups with sports music or fashion. (Third Sector 2011)

A CRM partnership with the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance will enable your company to connect with customers, gain a great presence in the community and engage with new audiences. In many cases, a company will sell its product at a fixed price, and the customer is informed that a percentage of the sale will be donated to the charity.

A variation on this might be where a defined group of air ambulance supporters are offered a discount on the sale price if they produce a membership card. Either way, the same results accrue - increased sales and public goodwill for your business.

For more information about cause-related marketing just contact the corporate fundraising team

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