Gifts in kind

"We support the air ambulance in a couple of ways. Our fleet of 20+ vehicles that travel throughout the South East daily, carry the charity’s logo and a clear message of support to assist in spreading the word. We also donate bubblewrap for the air ambulance – these humble rolls of plastic, filled with air bubbles which we use for packaging freight, are used by the medical team as blankets. Traumatised patients, even in very hot environments, lose their body heat rapidly. When this happens blood clotting takes longer and bubblewrap can save lives by providing the most effective means of preserving temperature. This can make the difference between bleeding to death and survival. Our drivers spend a lot of time out on the roads and more than 40% of the air ambulance’s call-outs are to road traffic collisions, so it’s reassuring to know KSSAAT are there should we ever need them. It made perfect sense to support the charity in this way.”
- Damian Pulford, Managing Director, Sussex Transport

Supporting us is not always about giving money! Many of the most successful partnerships with businesses come about when a company donates gifts in kind. These can range from car dealerships donating a vehicle through to holidays, flights or hotel breaks that can be auctioned at one of our high-profile events. Gifts in kind can also include equipment or even the gift of time. Even if at first glance you feel your business has little to offer us, think again. You may be surprised by some of the imaginative partnerships that have been forged!

Gifts in kind can also include donations of equipment, services or expertise. For example, you might be a technology company with the capability to enhance our IT or an events management company with the equipment we need to support fundraising events.

Your business can get tax relief if it makes a gift of equipment or trading stock to a charity or Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC). You'll be able to reduce the taxable profits your business makes by the cost of the gift made, so you'll pay less tax. This applies whether you're in business as a sole trader, a partnership or a company.

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For more information on gifts in kind and how your business could help just contact the corporate fundraising team

Keith Harlow

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