Nicki Mason - Fundraiser

Read the incredible story of Nicki Mason, who took part in the Brighton Marathon 10k in April 2016 to give something back to Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex after we helped her 12 year old son, Archie.

"I felt inspired to take part in the Brighton Marathon 10k for the charity after my 12 year old son, Archie, fell from a cliff and needed Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex.
I was in London when Archie’s friend called to tell me he had fallen. My blood ran cold, I felt completely helpless and every possible emotion ran through me. Knowing that the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance crew had arrived with Arc
hie was my only consolation. He had suffered a fractured skull, so their doctor and paramedic administered an anaesthetic to protect Archie’s brain from further injury. He was then transported to King’s College Hospital, a major trauma centre in London, which was the best place for him to be cared for.

Whilst Archie was in hospital, it was a terribly worrying and frightening time for our family. The staff at King’s College Hospital were fantastic – it really was the best place for him to be and it was a huge comfort to know that Archie was in safe hands. Thankfully Archie made a full recovery, and actually was oblivious to everything – he still has no recollection of his accident at all! When we told him about everything that had happened, and the air ambulance attending, he was quite impressed! My family however, will be eternally grateful to the charity for being there when our Archie needed them. I don’t like to think about how our story may have ended if this amazing charity hadn’t been able to fly a doctor and paramedic directly to Archie, in order to give him the urgent care he needed.
Every time the air ambulance is called to an incident, it costs about £2,500. After everything they did for Archie, I wanted to give something back to say thank you. When I first set up my JustGiving page, I set a target of £500 but was amazed, and incredibly grateful, for how my family and friends got behind me – I raised nearly four times that amount! Being part of the Brighton Marathon Weekend, running in the 10K, and experiencing the atmosphere was amazing. My family and friends were all there supporting me and knowing that Archie was with them made me very proud and emotional. It certainly helped me to keep putting one foot in front of the other when I saw him cheering me on!
To anyone taking on a fitness challenge, the first thing I would say is to buy good trainers! Enjoy the unique atmosphere on the day and to keep you going through the tough bits, remember why you are doing it – to raise funds for an amazing cause."

 Our running team is always so varied and includes our very own crew members, charity staff, volunteers, patients and their families, and people like you who simply want to help save lives!

If you would like to do something amazing and join our team by taking part in the Brighton Marathon or 10k, or any other challenge event please get in touch with Lauren on or 01634 471 900.

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