Joe Goodchild

Type of Incident: RTC bicycle vs car
Time: 14:22
Date: 10th August 2011
Location: Walton on Thames
“...we were told in hospital that if he survived he could have severe brain damage; it is quite unbelievable...”

14 year old Joe was cycling to his auntie’s house, with his mum and grandmother following in the car. Joe was a little way ahead when he suddenly collided with a car. Joe’s heart had stopped pumping blood and he was not breathing; a result of his multiple traumatic injuries which included a fractured skull and severe chest injuries. Joe’s mum and grandmother approached the scene of the accident, and were horrified to realise it was their Joe who had been hurt. The air ambulance was immediately dispatched. Once on scene, our specialist medical crew performed a rapid assessment of Joe.

Whilst his family looked on, our medical crew were able to successfully resuscitate Joe at the roadside. They then anaesthetised him to minimise swelling to his brain, thus reducing the risk of further potential damage. Joe also had air trapped around his lungs, which for him was an immediately life-threatening injury. Our crew performed a thoracostomy; a surgical procedure which allowed this trapped air to escape from his chest.

After being treated at the scene, he was flown directly to the Royal London Hospital major trauma centre, a journey which took just 10 minutes.

Following Joe’s treatment by our crew, and his subsequent airlift to London, he has since made a fantastic recovery, and is now back at school. Joe and his family visited the air ambulance base to meet Doctor Anthony Hudson and Critical Care Paramedic Natalie Brodrick, and express their gratitude for saving him. His mum said, “Considering we were told in hospital that if he survived he could have severe brain damage, it is quite unbelievable”.