Luke Titmuss

Type of Incident: RTC, car vs pedestrian
Time: 17:56
Date: 12th May 2011
Location: Rochester
“I could have lost my life if it wasn’t for the air ambulance”

10 year old Luke was walking home from a park, when he collided with a car as he crossed the road. The force of the impact threw him onto an embankment and he came to rest at the side of the road.

Luke suffered multiple traumatic injuries including a fractured skull, a broken jaw, a broken shoulder and a broken arm. Luke’s mouth was bleeding, his teeth had been pushed through his chin and he was agitated and in shock. The air ambulance was dispatched.

Once on scene, our medical crew performed a rapid assessment of Luke which included using an ultrasound machine to assess his chest and lungs. This showed that Luke had air and fluid trapped around his lungs – a potentially life-threatening injury.

After performing an emergency anaesthetic, placing Luke in an induced coma in order to minimise swelling to his brain, the crew carried out a thoracostomy. This procedure is similar to a chest drain, which allowed the air and fluid around Luke’s lungs to escape. Luke was then wrapped in bubble wrap; part of our strategy for reducing blood loss. Luke was airlifted directly to the Royal London Hospital major trauma centre.

Following Luke’s treatment at the scene and subsequent airlift to London, he made a fantastic recovery, and two months later was well enough to visit the air ambulance base with his family. Luke said, “I could have lost my life if it wasn’t for the air ambulance. I was really proud and honoured to meet the crew. They can help kids anywhere.” His mother added, “without them, we would not have Luke and we are so grateful to everyone for their quick response. The treatment they provided to Luke at the scene was impeccable.”