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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the regulator of health and adult social care services in England. Its aim is to ensure better care for everyone. 

Since April 1, 2010, all Air Ambulance service providers must register with the CQC, meaning they must comply with a number of "essential standards of quality and safety".

These standards give people the confidence that in any interaction with the service, they can expect their dignity to be respected and their rights to be protected.

The CQC is focused on outcomes rather than systems and processes, and it places the views and experiences of people who use services at its centre.

As such, it encourages people to share their experiences so the information can be used to ensure our service continues to meet essential standards of care.

You can contact the CQC by phone on 03000 616 161, by email at or via their website.

You can also reach them at:

Care Quality Commission
Newcastle upon Tyne