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Stay Grounded - Mental Health Awareness Week


Our latest version of #StayGrounded has been launched in Mental Health Awareness Week. We've focused on the theme, Connect with Nature, and shared some wellbeing tips and tricks that can help you look after your mental health after the coronavirus pandemic.

You can view and even download our wellbeing guide (please see the below instructions). We've also included information on which Mental Health Services you can contact should you need to.

We hope you find our guide useful, and can find time to #ConnectWithNature to improve your wellbeing this Mental Health Awareness Week.

How To Download Our Free Mental Health Wellbeing Guide

  • Click the below red button
  • A new page will open in your browser displaying page 1 of our guide
  • Click on the icon located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The icon looks like a cloud with a downward arrow. (Please see the below image)

  • This will begin your free download
  • Save to your preferred location

Download our Free Mental Health Wellbeing Guide Today

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£7.50 a month could pay for twenty disposable blood pressure cuffs used to measure a patient's blood pressure.

Choose an amount to give

£50 could fund 300 syringes used to administer life-saving drugs at the scene of an incident.