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1st Prize: £1,000
2nd Prize: £250
3rd Prize: 10 further prizes of £25

Enter our Regular Lottery and you will be in with a chance of winning 12 cash prizes every week, including our top prize of £1,000. It costs just £1 per week to play, and we will be in touch with the good news if your unique lottery membership number is randomly selected as one of our winners!

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Open to members of the Regular Lottery, the Superdraw costs an extra £1 a week and gives you the chance to take home a potential jackpot of £25,000 if your unique numbers match the winning combination.

The value of each weekly jackpot is determined by the number of players in a given week. If there is no complete match, the prize fund will accumulate until it reaches the maximum figure of £25,000. At this point, we will continue to make draws until a winning combination is found.